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   BCPD - Bead Crochet Pattern Designer

Whoa partner. . .this program will only run on a PC, Windows XP - Windows 7

BCPD - "Bead Crochet Pattern Designer" is an expanded version of BCED, “Bead Crochet Element Designer”.  It's a versatile way to create longer and wider graphed pattern designs for bead crochet ropes.  It is very simple to use, elegant without a lot of confusing bells & whistles. You can work on the zipper graph or slanted graph and finish refining a design on the rope, twirl the rope to see what it looks like, save your work, and then print everything out to take to your work table. This program will show you just what it will look like when crocheted. It makes designing complicated, parallel motifs easy.  There is no reason to crochet several samples and refine them to get just what you want.

  • 14 Bead color palette key

  • Bead colors are customizable with a color wheel

  • 3-around to 89-around

  • 2 to 85 row graph

  • Rotating zipper graph and rope simulations

  • Stringing table with bead counts

  • 8 original element designs included

  • Graph zooms 5 levels

  • You can open, save and print designs

  • Purchase additional designs to import(*.bcp & *.bce)

  • Includes HELP/Quick Start information

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as a $40 download

Also patterns at Bead Patterns keyword = BCED